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· Registry Cleaner-Is There Any Trial Version Available?


Date de création : 09.05.2011
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Registry Cleaner-Is There Any Trial Version Available?

Publié le 09/05/2011 à 11:22 par jermey Tags : internet computer you chat element

If you want trial version of registry scanning and cleaning you will find many of them sold in the market. The free version of Best registry cleaners are very provided to test the software before purchasing the same. The trial version of the software is going to do the very same work as the paid versions does even so, the time frame of this software is limited to 15 to 30 days only. As soon as the trial period is done software stops working and you'll be forced to upgrade the applicationto paid one.

On the top of the list is RegCure, one of the main free trial registry scanner software available in the market. Regcure has an powerful registry scanner that detects and removes invalid computer registry entries, repeated registry files, and missing pc registry values caused by deleted or uninstalled software programs whose registry entries should be removed from the system. RegCure is a powerful registry scanner that repairs registry errors safely and quickly. Regcure also provides a fantastic 1-click scan feature that launches registry scanning software without any difficulty. RegCure also has a impressive back-up solution that allows people to keep a copy Pc registry data in the event of system or data corruption. You will certainly decide to run a free registry scan first before purchasing the total package and be convinced that this free trial registry cleaner is proven to work.

The second best registry cleaner software that is on my list is the Registry easy. The Registry easy software is quite similar in function as the Regcure software and it performs all the above said task quite easily. Most important feature about this software that I like very much is the data backup capability. It automatically takes the backup of the data before scanning. This ensures that there is no damage to your files before or after scanning.

Yet another good registry scanning and cleaning software is the registry Fix. The key feature of the registry Fix software is the fact that user interface which is fantastic so you do not have to be technically sound to work with this. It is usually having the ability to manage the browser helper objects (which is also known as BHO) which is the major element for damaging a computer. Additionally, it it is having the backup facilities just like Registry easy software. This will assist to start and manage the programs quite easily.

Registry Mechanic will not be forgotten in the list, since it provides each users the choice to manually scan registry for errors and incorrect entries. An important feature about Registry Mechanic is its real-time alert feature, which isn't available for all free trial registry cleaner programs on the web. This definitely gives Registry Mechanic a big plus, since real-time scanning helps to detect registry errors as early as the issue has been spotted, not necessarily after manual scanning. This really  certainly is a bonus feature that we must be interested  in a registry scanner.

You may be overwhelmed by the characteristics that the software gives or may be confused as to which one to select. There are few commonalities in each of the software similarities like online support by e-mail or chat. another similarities which is worth mentioning is the scan report that is given by the software after each scan is completed.

Registry Cleaner-Is There Any Trial Version Available?
If you want trial version of registry scanning and cleaning you will find many of them sold in the market. The free version of Best registry cleaners are very provided to